Period: 1810 -
Region: Czech Republic

A faiance and stoneware pottery founded by Benedikt Hassler in 1810 The name Altrohlau comes from the Austrian town is was located in (present day Stara Role near Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic)

In 1823 the factory was acquired by August Nowotny & Co After 1836 the factory started making porcelain

In 1884 the company was sold in auction to Moritz Zdekauer from Prague

  • Theresa McDonald

    I have my ggrandmother’s canister set, it is small white china, banded in a floral pattern with gold trim and gold columns. It ismarked on the bottom with:
    MZ Altrohiau, Czechoslovakia, CM-R, 1688/1 imprinted in china, and K90/29 all in green coloring.
    Thanks for any help.

    • Ruth Gumaer

      Sounds like we have the same set! Been trying to find info on this set. It belonged to my grandmother and I found some of the set in my Mom’s attic. Any advice as to where else to search?

      • Dukyduke

        Ruth, This is Paul. Do ou have the ma
        rking 1688 I was referring to? I am not sure how to read these relies and am wondering if you were responding to me.

    • Paul

      Happy holidays, Theresa,
      I have 2 pieces, only, I believe, of the same set that my Mother left me. I have always wanted to know more about the Barley Cannister I have. It has the same markings you described. Do you know if the set is available anywhere to purchase? I would like to know where to begin looking and I thought you might have some ideas. Paul

  • Erin

    I have a tea cup that was recently given to me, it is pearalized inner cup with gold trim. The detail on the plate and cup which looks like bunches of apples and leaves with the initials ML.
    The details on both the plate and tea cup state-
    MZ Altrohlau, CM-R, Flore 1927, Czeckoslovakia
    Looking for any information, thank you!

  • Linda Nimmo

    I have my grandmothers wedding china. It has gold handles on the cups with white insides. The outsede has an oily pattern on it. It looks like the colours oil makes when mixed with water. Any info would be greatly appresiated. The mark is an eagle with a crown on top with the letters M and Z on the tips of the wings with the word czecoslovakia at the bottom.
    Thanks for any info provided.

  • karen kitts

    A wedding gift in the 1920s. The cups are multicolor pastel pearlized on outside and ivory on the inside with gold trim and handles; the bottom is marked MZ Altrohlau CM-R Czechoslovakia. The set plates, cups, saucers and tea pot. Wondering the pattern and where I might find more info on this set and company?

  • Barb Clark

    I found a candy dish when we were cleaning out my mother’s house. It has initials ARH written above MZ Altrohlau CM-R czechosovakia with 1924 inscribed below. It also has number 1606 indented. It is white with Blue Birds and flowers and gold trim. Can anyone give me information on this pattern or who made this piece?

  • Barbara Hunter


  • DeAnna Stossel

    We have a set of beautiful china with a M Z Czechoslovakia mark but I cannot find what the pattern is called. Where else can I look to find the pattern name?

  • Peggy

    We have several pieces of MK Altrohlau CM-R porcelain china in a delicate rose trellis pattern (pink roses and green) with a gold rim around each piece. They are stamped with the stamped logo used at the Altrohlau Porcelain Factories, circa 1918 � 1939. There is a numbered stamp: 1003 then a number 19 imprinted going in a different direction. Looking for the pattern’s name.

    • Ghenderson3

      Did you ever find your pattern’s name? I believe I have the same pattern and would like to know the name also.

    • Moneypenny123

      Does your pattern look similar to the one I have?

  • Rhonda

    I have a bowel with MZ Altrohlau on back. It has a picture of two men on it. One is Wilhelm II and Franz Josef I with a date of 1914/15. Does anyone know anything about ths bowel. It does have a number on the back in the porcelain of 1035

  • Nparker

    I have some NEW dinnerware from the Czech Republic that I would like to add to. I bought in San Diego, CA and the shop is now closed. Could anyone help me? It is a rose pattern and on the back in a factory mark of M Z Czech Republic with a picture of an eagle (I think) and a crown.

  • JPL

    How do I interpret the pattern number on a M Z Austria item?

  • Revels

    Great Grandmother’s bowl; oblong, uneven edge with gold gilt. Peoney disignin dish center. Any information?

  • Teresa

    I have a lustre ware golden pheasant shallow serving dish. It has a yellow band around the outside about 1 inch thick. I can’t find any info about it and was wondering if anyone out there could tell me more about it. On the back it has-M Z
    Altrohlau, CM-R, Czechoslovakia and a number 42 stamped on it as well.

  • Moneypenny123

    I have a rectangle Altrohlau platter as well, it has soft pink roses and soft green petals. The platter has a thick band of gold gild. The marks show the normal Mz etc. however mine has the initial M.L.J. and April 1922 on the back, there is also several number is the corner 2 and 1190. I wish someone could tell me about this piece. I also inherited it.

  • China Afficianado

    You should go to, search under the M Z Czech or Austria, depending on which mark you have and you can see photos of all that makers patterns on the website if you click on the narrow bar all the way to the left of the pattern index. They have many photos for these old patterns, even if they do not have all of them in stock. I was able to find out my china pattern which was marked M Z Austria and nothing else. You can also email them a photo of your china, and someone will get back to you to tell you what it is.

  • Cathe

    I recently purchased a set of Altrohlau golden pheasant (round) china. What does the MZ & CMR mean (I’m new to this)…and I’m looking for 2 more of what they call the double handled cream soup bowls with saucers…don’t see them anywhere. Would love any information about this china.

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