Period: 1880 - 1991
Region: Stoke-on-Trent, UK

The W H Grindley & Co Pottery company was founded by William Harry Grindley at the Newfield Pottery, Tunstall, Stoke-on-Trent in 1880 Procucing Ironstone, Earthenware and China for the Canadian, North- and South American, and Australian markets.The company moved to the Woodfield Pottery in Tunstall in 1891 In 1991 the company was taken over by Woodlands Pottery.

  • H.Smith

    I have a set of Grindely England surrounded by a green leaf oval open at the top. There apears to be a guilders mark I with a 2 on some of the plates. The set is white with a narrow gold band with any handles on the turreens and cups also gold. Can you help me identify this pattern so I may replace the missing items in the set. Thank You, H.

  • escapee13

    I have a Grindley teapot with ship mark c 1936-54. small green, blue and yellow. Base says what looks like Hand Painted Daboade, Patent applied for. Excellent condition. I have trawled around on the internet but can’t find this little pot on the auction sites. Any idea of expected selling price today.

    • Kane silver

      Grindley teapots not the best as they were made with off cuts. Value of teapot £7 to £13 pounds.

  • Marchell

    I have a Creampetal platter with scalloped edges, measuring 15 3/4 inches by 18 inches. No chips on edges. The backstamp is a ship and Grindley England. Is this ironstone? How much is it worth?

  • Joe McCann

    I have a complete set of dinnerware for 8 of W. H. Grindley china. The set includes 8 dinner plates, 8 salad plates, 8 cups, 8 saucers, 8 bowls, 8 small bowls, 1 platter, 2 oval serving bowls, 1 round serving bowl, 1 sugar bowl with lid, 1 creamer. Some of the pieces have registration numbers like 787544 on the creamer and 714550 on the small serving bowl. Thanks.

  • Gwendolen van Tonder

    I have cups, saucers, teapot and gravy boat. it has a gold trimming and each cup has a gold stripe underneath. the marking is that of a ship in in rectangle and next to it is a gold lion. Value? meaning of gold lion? Origin? Year? Please can you tell me? (the patterns are ears of wheat) thanks (im from South Africa)

    • Colin

      Hi Gwendolen. I have a dinner service of similar design and am trying to find out what the value is. Can you help in finding out or whom to contact regarding this. Thanks Colin.

  • J. van Dekken

    I am looking for Dinner Plates Shakspere serie:
    I already have: 1)The prince of Wales antry into London.2) Hamlet and the Gravedigger.3) Shylock and Tubal.4) Portia pleads with shylock.
    What is nr. 5 + 6 ???
    Perhaps can you give me the missing info?
    Kind regards!
    J. van Dekken

  • maria herrick

    I have a flow blue vegetable dish with markings w h grindley england melbourne the letters f b there is an inpressed mark on the bottom small numbers 17 and large numbers 02 the handle on the top of the lid is missing and it has a few small chips, could you please let me know the value thankyou. 7/10/11

  • Beverly Wood

    I have a complete set of 35, dinner, salad, bread and butter, cup & saucers. Also have 3 cream & sugar sets, 4x 16oz pitcher, 10 lg oval serving platers, 10 lg serving bowls, 24x 9″ dinner plates, 3x gravy boats. They were purchased out of the family Church that saddly closed.

  • Ronel Vorster

    I have a cream petal teaset, whitish with the green line and gold trim. How old is this more or less or what would the value be more or less?

  • Lee Lewis

    My partner has a dinner service, with 4 dinner plates, four smaller plates 4 tea plates, 2 tureens, 3 platters of different sizes, unfortunately 2 plates are missing after moving house. It seems to be a tulip or crocus pattern, very simple, in yellow and orange/pinkish – any idea of the name of the pattern? It must be fairly old, it was her grandmothers.



  • uzinnihtun

    I have [ marlborough cream petal grind ley england ] one turren.It colour is cream colour. If you want to see it photo.I want to report from my email to your email. Think you Lee Lewis. happy new year.

  • uzinnihtun

    1. rose or tulip at the top cover. 2.handle is the image at the leave.3. milk cream colour. Do you know? When this tureen was made in ?

  • Rachel Pilcher

    I have a Covered Veg Bowl with Gold Coloured Trim on the Handles and Edge of Lid and Bowl. I had the matching Gravy Boat which also had the same Trim, but unfortunately it broke some time ago. It is stamped on the Bottom in Green a Ship and Grindley Peach Petal. Would you be able to tell me an approximate age and any value. Also where I would be able to buy a replacement Gravy Boat?

  • uzinnihtun

    Hi, Think you. If you donot know, this ” MARLBOROUGH CREAMPETAL GRINDLEY ENGLAND” mark may become a need your english porcelain history.

  • CJ

    I just had 10 bowls and 6 smaller saucers of osborn grinley pieces, I don’t know much about antiques Some lady wanted to see blue plates. They came by and i told her i wasnted 200 well she gave me reasons why she couldnt pay more than 50 dollars, I ended up taking it and was wondering if I had just been totally ripped off? Any thoughts thank you CJ Ps there was a gravy boat also.

  • Chelsea Lewis

    i have a pink and gold platter with the globe and steamboat mark on the back. it is in mint condition… just curious as to how much its worth.

  • Natalie Burch

    I have an antique Grindley aesthetic movement brown transferware platter but cannot identify pattern. Has windmill, sailboats, some butterflies, and branches of flowers. Anyone seen this pattern?

  • Timson

    I have an oval platter, two soup tureens with one lid, and a gravy boat, all previously belonging to my mother. This pattern was her wedding china. It is called cream petal by grindley. It has a gold leaf pattern with a red stripe. Do you have any other matching items?

  • Dairymaid73

    I am trying to identify some Grindley Creampetal crockery that was given to my grandparents for their wedding in 1941. It is hand painted with 1 yellow and 2 orange flowers in a cluster along a spindley brown twig (like a lighting fork pattern) and grey/green leaves along the branch. Spaced evenly around the edge are 6 thin orange brush lines x 5 which match up on the veg bowl and lid and are on the plates also. I am looking for some bowls and other things that may belong to the set – there are only plates and 2 veg serving bowls.

  • Heartlessemogirl

    A reference was made earlies to the marlborough creampetal grindley england. This was reds from gold, an perhaps it is higest development, is seen in the brilliant cream-back-plates of the marlborough maker keep-land peroids. The shade of very gold . As enamal the tulip colour had is most wonderful applied to flower, drapery and really it is far moredecorative than any other colour…

  • Hertlessemogirl

    Type your comment here.
    marlborough creampetal grindley england has their artistic merit , and most attrative tink if rephesent the leaves tulip picture the flower, and perhap the most lovely combination is tulip verte where both of are use in harmony

  • monica

    i am looking to find a site that i can use to identify how much my antiques are worth…anyone have a suggestions? currently I have 5 grindley of stoke princess house english scenes that i purchased back in the early 80′s, they are numbered 950-1 to 950-5, anyone have a clue as to how much they are worth?

  • uzinnihtun

    Hi,monica, Have you marlborough cream petal grindley england antiques ?

  • judy

    Totally baffled..I have been searching the net to identify a complete china set for 12 with all the serving pieces..Grindley England Marlborough royal petal…it has a sailing vessel logo with a corwn like crest over the top…The pieces are white with a gold is a strand of gold which look like <<<<<<<<<< (all in gold around the plates) is a stripe approximately a half inch outline in a gold stripe..inside the bands is a soft blue with white leaves connecting in a vine like design. I can find this nowhere! Any input?

    • Pse7061

      I am searching about MARLBOROUGH CREAM PETAL GRINDLEY ENGLAND tureen history. I have this tureen. I know any about this pattern.

    • Azcindi

      I have a complete set of Marlborough royal petal Grindley England along with serving dishes. You may contact me at

  • Oja

    i have a pitcher wh grindley / tunstall prior 1891, cant find any info on it, white w/ brown pine cones any one have any idea

  • Dee

    I have a Gridley plate..cream color with brown pinecones..square ..on the back is a printed 4 along with W.H. Gridley & Co Tunstall and engraved is the number 69..just wondered about it and is it of any value.

  • Linda NS

    All the descriptions of Marlborough Grindly England Royal Petal, do not begin to describe the dish set I have of my Mother’s. It is Burgundy around the rim with gold coloured flowers draped under a flounce. For the gravy boat plate it has 10 flowers around the rim. Didn’t see it on and would like to replace a few missing pieces. Anyone have any sites to recommend for replacement?
    Thanks, Linda

  • Theo

    Hi. I have an incomplete Grindley china set with a green flower pattern
    that comprises the following items: 12 soup dishes, 23 meat dishes, 10
    fruit dishes, 2 fruit bowls and 3 serving dishes, acquired by my late
    grandmother as a wedding gift in the 1920s. Some minor glaze
    contractions and discoloured crackles developped over time give them a
    vintage age look that make it the perfect collector’s item. If anyone can help me get a quote or sell it please respond.

  • katie

    I am searching for any pieces in the Gardenia pattern, which is proving to be a very hard pattern to come by. Any info would be appreciated!

  • katie

    I am looking for any items in the Gardenia pattern, which is proving to be very difficult to find! Any info would be greatly appreciated. :)

  • Heidi For Real

    I’m searching for info about the Grindley china named Buckingham, but can’t find anything. Does anybody know about this? The stamp is a ship with crown above and Grindley under the ship.

  • gabi

    I have a Grindley Creampetal server with lid, cream, pattern around edging is green with a gold trim, not adelaide. Not sure of what the pattern is, the stamp is indicative of between 1936-1954 (sailing ship) would appreciate any advice.

    • Guest

      I have Coffee pot with creamer and 6 cups & saucers – the same pattern

  • Nebelow

    Always on the lookout for any Grindley Gardenia items. I have some pieces, but always looking to add to my modest collection. My great grandmother had these dishes, so the pattern is of purely sentimental value.

  • jusedcliffe

    Looking to identify this piece: Date, Origin, Is it from a set, how much might it be worth etc. Contact me on thanks.

  • Ed Noyes

    Grindley Royal Petal service for 12 + serving ware

  • Ruth Parks Zeeck

    I collect Grindley’s “The Old Mill” pattern: small windmill landscape and brightly colored flowers on a cream background with turquoise pinstriping. Looking for other collectors to share info with and possibly trade a few pieces. Looking to purchase butter pats and a soup tureen in the pattern. Potentially interested in any Old Mill piece!

  • j lintecume

    I was in a flea market, and saw a odd set of a setting called the Lichtfield. I have the small veggie bowl of this set, but haven’t been able to find anything even close to the pattern. After looking at all 4 plates I found a name called ”
    the Litchield”. Does anyone know of this pattern?Blue, yellow and orange Nastirnums(sp), painted on with greenery.

  • Jennie

    Ive just bought some Grindley China from an antiques shop for my dresser. It has the logo on the back and says ‘cream petal’ but struggling to find the missing pieces to my set online. Anyone know the pattern name? They are cream with a plain gold band around the edges and very dainty bunches of light pink flowers. A lot less intricate than some of the other grindley ware ive found! Thanks

  • yvonne

    hello everyone I’m searching fore grindley country inns red ,in my homecountry the Netherlands i can’t found anything. please help me

  • Peter

    I am looking for soup bowls for my Grindley Myrtle Leaf pattern dinnerware set. It is the rarer version with the black myrtle leafs actuallyprinted on the surface (not the plane green version with no print leaf patter on it)

  • Ed Noyes

    I have a service for 12 Marlborough Royal Petal available for best offer.
    Purchased ~1935. Never used.

  • Jenny

    I have a Grindley dinner service given to my parents in 1939 . Sadly I do not know the name of the set. The plates are cream in colour with a scalloped edge They are edged in gold with a a green circle about an half an inch from the edge and vertical lines in gold, green and orange meeting the green circle from the edge. They have Kelvin 4 written on the bottom of the plates etc. I am eager to find where I could buy a meat plate and a small plate. Can anyone shed any light please?

  • Dale

    Hi. I have a Wm. Grindley & Co. Tunstall Square Plate measuring 8 1/2″ Square, a Cream & Sugar set and 2 Cups & Saucers all in the Ideal Pattern. It is Dated in the English Marks as being made October 6th 1883. Can you give me an idea of the value for these pieces? The Sugar Bowl has a lid. Some Crazing but all in very nice condition otherwise. Thank You. Dale.

  • Elizabeth

    I have a nearly complete 10 place dinner set in the Grindley “Retford” pattern. I hope to replace 3 soup bowls and 2 fruit/dessert bowls. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Please email

  • Sarah Gates

    I have been given a collection of Grindley Imperial Creampetal crockery which was my great Aunt’s. It has the sailboat stamp c.1936-1954. Thing is, although I’ve noticed people want this stuff, I don’t. Where can I go to be able to sell this on? I have quite a few pieces including 2 serving dishes with lids, a gravy boat, 6 bowls, 6 teaplates 5 dinner plates, 2 different sized serving plates, 4 coffee cups and 6 saucers. Please do email me and let me know what I can do with them.

    • Elizabeth

      Your best resources will probably be contacting or selling the items on eBay.

  • wendie burton

    I have a grindley plate that has three parrots on them and the plate itself is pale yellow has any one ever seen them before and do you knoe when they were made

  • Amelias Aunt

    I have a elements of a set called The Excelsior but am struggling to find any info about this particular design. They belonged to my Great Aunt and were handed down to me by my Mum.

  • Laurie W

    Ed, is the service for 12 still available & how much are you looking at for them?

  • alan

    how can I find the value of Grindley arundel full dinner set, has one picture and no stock or pricing
    I have small and large plates, bowls, cups & saucers , plus serving plate, gravy boat and covered pouring type sugar bowl or something like that.

    • Dale

      Alan, Do you still have this group for sale?

  • andy

    Hi I have quite a lot of Gridley Chameleon pattern plates etc. could someone give me an idea if it is collected
    Thank you

  • Mona

    Hello :D Do anyone know the name of this pattern ? and the value? It is without crackks (as shown they are dusty). Thanks :D Mona S.

  • Mona

    This is on the backside :D

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