Period: 1814 -
Region: Hohenberg an der Eger, Germany

In 1814 the Hutschenreuther family founded a porcelain factory in Hohenberg an der Eger in Bavaria, Germany In the early 20th century Hutschereuther expanded by taking over factories at Altrohlau (1909) Carl's sons Lorenz and Christian founded their own factory in the town of Selb, 17 km north of Hohenberg Later know as Lorenz Hutschenreuther, Selb (LHS) This firm took over the Tirschenreuth porcelain factory in 1927 Since 2000 Hutschenreuther is a trademark of Rosenthal.


Hutschenreuther, Hohenberg
Hutschenreuter, Selb

  • gina

    I have a complete set with serving pieces of this china. It has to be over 100 years of age. It was our neighbors mothers’ set and we rec’d it in 1970. It is porcelain color with 3/4″ gold 18 Carat gold trim. I have no idea of the pattern name or it’s worth.

    • Carole

      When you have a moment, could you send me some info about this china, i.e. color, pattern…if you have a picture would be great. Also what $ are you asking.
      Thxs greatly, Carole

    • Anna von Rueflingen

      Is the dinner set ivory-elfenbein?what are the serving pieces. what size are the dinner plates? Kind regards anna

  • Maureen

    I have been trying to locate a figurine of two stags fighting with their antlers locked together. I think it was by Karl Tutter. It is approx 12-15 inches long and about 8-10 inches high. I would be grateful if anyone knows the model number of this piece and where we could purchase the figurine? Many thanks, Maureen

  • christie

    Have a set (12 pc setting, I believe!) and several serving pieces…..all in pristine condition….was trying to find out value before I decide what to do with! Thanks for help! :0-

  • Patricia

    I have In my possession 2 beautiful pure white Porcelain Candle holders Stamped with the family name as above made in Germany 1814 with the lion
    in perfect condition Could you please tell me thier value approx
    Many Thanks

  • janet cottrell

    l have been left the sun child by karl tutter dated 1920. is this off any vaule,as l am thinking of selling it.thank-you for your help.janet

  • Pete

    I have a white porecelain, Hutschenreuther, angel playing some type of instrument. It is five inches tall. When looking at it, the head is cocked to the left.
    What can you share about it or direct me to a link that it is on!

  • Martin Maresch

    Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,
    wir würden vier Kaffetassen Hutschenreuther Selb L.H.S. Germany Sylvia 7823 (Auf der Kaffeetasse steht die Nummer 29) suchen. Es würde uns sehr freuen von Ihnen diesbezügliche eine positive Nachricht zu lesen.
    Danke und mit freundlichen Grüßen
    Martin Maresch

  • Dorenda

    We have a set of china purchased in Germany in the early 1950′s. We’re unsure of the pattern name, although Ingeborg and 856 is stamped under the three names listed above in the subject line. It’s a set of 12 in excellent condition, complete with serving pieces and double handled soup bowls with saucers.
    Would you have any information on this pattern and what value it might have?

  • Elaine

    I have a set of dinner plates made by Hetschenreuther Selb for Bailey, Banks & Biddle. They are predominantly gold with touches of blue, red and green. Very ornate. Any info?

  • Tim Laubach

    I have a large set of HUTSCHENREUTHER china with a thin gold band on the outside and a 1/4 inch green band inside that and some sort of monogram, looks like maybe a C and an H. It has the Lion and LHS emblem on back. Looking for identification and available pieces.

    • PJ

      Great Dinner Plates Reviews | Ellegant Dinnerware

      Jan 30, 2011 … 6 HUTSCHENREUTHER COBALT GILT PORCELAIN DINNER PLATES … Hohenberg German Hutschenreuther 3 Dinner Plate Retired … Selb LHS Bavaria “Golden Laurel” 6 -Gold Encrusted Dinner Plates … 2 Hutschenreuther China HUT149 Dinner Plates White Gold ….. Laughlin Royal Helpful Guideline …


      • ANDRE

        I am looking for replacements for My Hutchenreuter THE DEVON
        Can anyone help PLEASE
        South africa

  • Eric Helman

    Help! My parents have a complete set of Hutschenreuther porcelain except for one cup and saucer. Replacements Ltd calls the pattern HUT481. It is white and has pink roses on a vine around a gold band. It has marks from the Altrohlau factory and an M and Z on the back.

    • klsgrn

      Eric – I just inherited my grandmother’s set. We have only 1 cup and saucer. Would you be willing to sell yours? klsgrn yahoo

  • Janny Baas

    ich zoeche porselan teile von tirschenreuth mit de name baronesse weiss und altmodidisch

  • jennifer

    looking for information on Hutchenreuther Hohenberg 1814 china white with approx. 3/8 in gold trim, no floral or print on dishes. Thanks

  • Frank

    Looking for information on 24Kt with platinum medallion Hutchereuther Selb. I have a fairly complete set for 12 including, coffee pot, and all larger serving plates, and bowls from 1912-1920 probably. What’s the name of the pattern? Was there a catalog showing these dishes? Any idea of the value of this set in good/great condition?

  • Twitty

    I have 12 Hutchenreuther dinner plates for sale that are white in the center a large green border and gold border. I am selling them for $500.00. I plan to post a picture.

    • Amanda

      I was wondering if you have found anything out about this set because I have the same set with the white center & green border with a gold border about the same size or maybe even a little bigger than the green border … I can’t find any sets online that look anything like mine so I have no clue what they’re worth and need details about them plz. Thanks -Amanda

  • Sara

    I seek the pattern name of a dinner set of Hutschenreuther heavy gold edge stamped Bavaria, Gelb or Selb, stamped with the number 2310. It was purchased in the US about 1923. Any information? Thank you.

  • Noelle

    I have a set of china for 12 marked Hutschenreuther Hohenburg, with a crown and shield,Germany 1934 with what looks liked hand painted numbers starting with what looks like a 7 but it doesn’t have a slash through it, then a 3, I think a 1 then a 9. Below those numerals are a what I think is a zero, then a german 7, then 9 then 6. Below those numerals are 5 then 9 with a period. I also have numerous serving pieces. The pattern is a grey trellis with a feathery vine and some sort of bell like flower around the rims of the pieces with a thin gold band on the outer edges. 8″ dinner plates. Can someone help me identify the pattern and worth? Thank you.

  • Riasargwe

    I have a few dishes that are ‘Hutschenreuther Gelb.’ LHS Bavaria. They are white and have a gold rim. Would anyone know what the name of the pattern is?

  • Jacki

    I have a set of Tea Cups stamped “Hutschenreuther LHS Bavaria Germany”. I am uncertain of the specific name, it has a number underneath, is there a website where i would be able to identify the Tea Set? I would appreciate any advise, thank you

  • kim

    i have a full set of 12 – including side dishes – Crown Lion Ivory SELB Bavarua Hutschenreuther ivory with thick gold trim – perfect condition. looking for appraisal and possibly sell.

  • K Moreau

    I have one salad-sized plate with the mark “Hutschenreuther Selb. THere is a lion in an oval with LHS under the lion. The word “Bavaria” is below with the number 10. Do you have more information on the age of this plate?

  • Lucia

    I have various 10.5″ bird plates from the drawings of Audubon Hutschenreuther, Selb Bavaria. White with the birds in the center and golden rim. I am selling them, but would like to add to the ad what the set of numbers in the back of the plate mean. ie., 9211 on another side …66. Thanks, Magda

  • Andre

    I have a Hutchenreuther , selb teaset; Im trying to replace some pieces;
    Its the Devon pattern;im not having any luck.
    Andre South africa

  • Joy

    I have 6 salad plates marked
    The design is a silver edge with very slight blueish gray coloring with 3 roses with trailing vines around the rim. Other than one trailing rose coming down form the rim the middle is white. They are signed “Chastain”. Can’t find on net.

  • Mary Munroe Harrington

    I have a teapot that is insulated with a silver plated cover around the pot( egg -like). A single clasp, lined in grey felt with openings for the spout and handle. My father bought this while in Germany with the National Guard Tank division ( 1950-51) for my Grandmother. It is a beautiful thing and I treasure it. I would like any information anyone might have.

  • Cornelia

    Does anyone know how to determine the name(s) of the various patterns?

  • Pattie

    Don’t want to buy I have a teapot similar to gold trim creamer

  • Andre Everts

    I have a Hutschenreuther porcelain ash tray (Rotterdamsche & lLoyds Oceanliner) with the mark F11. Also printed on the bottom is the name: Te Kate & Slijnger. I would like to have some information regarding this piece, date and a value.

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