Period: 1958 - 1994
Region: Japan

Otagiri Manufacturing Company, or OMC, was a Japanese wholesale manufacturing company The company produced a wide range of ceramics and dishware and giftware The polynesian themed ceramics they made for bars and restaurants like the Kon-Tiki and the Kahiki in the 1960's are popular among collectors The Otagiri brand was discontinued after it was sold to Enesco Group in September 1994 Most Otagiri products are marked with a yellow and gold sticker printed with the initials 'OMC' and 'Japan'.

  • Helen Davis

    I just got this and would like to know what it’s worth is. The set is all in prestine condition, never used. Thank you for your help.

    • cori

      Hi Helen… I just found this in Tulsa, ok. Did you find the value? I cant find any like it online.

  • Rita

    I have 4 coffee mugs that say design Gibson Greetings,Inc. Otagiri Japan on the bottom. They are black flowered yellow butterfly some green foliage pink, lavendar blue flowers with a gold rim. white inside and a white handle with a gold stripe.
    Got them as a gift around 1990. Are there anymore availabe and if so where might I find them.

  • Angie

    Design is shape of standing male & female cats, he in suit & tie, wearing glasses, she in skirt & jacket, with purse & pearl necklace. They appear to be older couple. Rita Marandino’s name is copyrighted on the bottom of the teapot. I have not been able to find out anything about it. If you can help, I would appreciate it very much.

  • Linda Thordarson

    I purchased this set several years ago @ a yard sale
    was wondering what they are worth great shape never used have been displayed on top of my fridge for years. There is a sticker on the side that says Otagiri handpainted 1979

  • star

    this is so cool!!!just got it and i’m just wondering how old it might be. it has a gold foil sticker that says – hand painted, otagiri japan – i just would like some info on it. the hen is holding the eggs in her wings where the spout is. thanks for your info.

  • Regina

    I have a turtle cookie jar with a small turtle on top of the lid has a flower pattern on the cookie jar looks like a daisy. It was my Grandma’s still has the gold foil sticker OMC on bottom. Can not find anything about it and would really like to know how much it is worth. Thank you for your help.

  • Sarah

    Does anyone know where I can find missing pieces to this set? they are white cats with little blue flowers on them. Pieces like a sugar and creamer set, salt and pepper, cookie jar… things like that? I really want to complete this set but can’t find any info…

    • gillian rumsey

      Hello Sarah
      My friend was telling me yesterday she wanted to sell her Otagiri teapot and sugar bowl. The bowl has a small spoon.
      They are white with little blue flowers.

  • Patricia Brubaker

    I am interested in purchasing the 1980 grey cat cookie jar manufactured by Otagiri. Must be in great condition. Anybody have one to sell?

    • James Rolffs

      Hi Patricia I think we have the cat cookie jar you are looking for. Please contact us at Thanks

  • Joan

    Where was Otagiri company founded?

    • Tina in Texas

      Otagiri Manufacturing Company, or OMC, was a Japanese wholesale manufacturing company The company produced a wide range of ceramics and dishware and giftware The polynesian themed ceramics they made for bars and restaurants like the Kon-Tiki and the Kahiki in the 1960′s are popular among collectors The Otagiri brand was discontinued after it was sold to Enesco Group in September 1994 Most Otagiri products are marked with a yellow and gold sticker printed with the initials ‘OMC’ and ‘Japan’.

  • TV in Texas

    I have a brand new Otagiri 1983 Chicken Cheese Board in origional box. Any one interested? I have not listed on ebay but will soon.

  • anniew

    I have 3 floral coffee cups, that say Otagiri on the bottom…pink flowers and green leaves. they are short coffee cups with a wide mouth and a handle. If anyone wants them, please let me know!

  • http://www.facebook.com/connie.r.coe Connie McCauley Coe

    A friend of mine bought a pig soup tureen w the ladle at an estate sale. It has the same markings shown here w the 1979 date. Am I missing anything from this? What might the price be on this? It is really cute . thanks CC

  • Coda

    Hi, I just purchased a small bowl with the OMC stamp on the bottom. The Stamp is in Blue and is part of the bowl. It is not a sticker. I was wondering why this is different then any other Otagiri piece that I can find. Can anyone help with this?

  • CharityBT

    I have an Otagiri music box that plays the tune “Talk to the Animals”. The music box consists of an elephant standing on the side of a large leaf tree (palm or banana) and an inside revolving “cylinder” which I believe to be a baby elephant. Pristine condition. Its really pretty and I love elephants but no one seems to mention this company making music boxes. Made in Japan 1981.

  • Bill

    I have two cota girl japan figurines…one is 3 birds and a branch and the other is 2 birds on a branch music box I can’t find any info on these

  • Don in Austin

    I just broke my favorite Otagiri Coffee Mug. I bought it in Richardson. Texas about 25 years ago. It is greys and blues, and has a lake,with winter (leafless trees) and ducks taking off. It is a really great piece and I would like to find a replacement. I can take a picture of it to help identify it. Can you tell me how I would go about finding a replacement?

  • pete szule

    Hello i have a 1980 otagiri piggy bank truck, looks like a woody wagon. Does any one know what it is worth?

  • Rbird

    I have a drink mug from the 1964 worlds fair in ex. condition. Iwas wondering if it was worth anything?

  • Rebecca

    I am looking for an Otagiri Sheep Creamer. It has cow bells around the neck. If anyone has seen one let me know. missrebecca@yahoo.com

    • Jen

      I have one

  • redpeanuts

    I have a set of cups, creamer, sugar, butter dish, tealight house etc. of Otagiri Cottage design from the 1980s. Can anyone tell me what their value may be. Thanks

  • wynn

    looking for otagiri cat in the window, spoon rest or any mugs, soup cups, broke my wifes spoon rest jrwiz2001@aol.com

    • The Peach

      I might have an otagiri cat in the window…I am 1thepeach on eBay. Please send me a message there if you are interested, and I will see if I can list it so you can see if it’s what you were thinking of. Thanks!

  • Mark

    I am looking for a soap/lotion dispenser made for Gibson Greetings by Otagiri. It has two nuthatch birds sitting on pussy willow branches.

  • William B. Lawrimore

    I currently have What I think is a complete set of 1979 Otagri Basket-weave Bears. The large Cookie Jar, 2 coin banks(large/small), 1 Honey pot w/original spoon, salt and pepper Shakers, Coffee Mug along with short Coffee Mug form 1980, same bear and the two opposing book ends. Does anyone know if there are other pieces, if so, I have yet to see any!

  • debbie

    I have a hen that I think is a tea server. It has a lid on top and the mouth is open for pouring. Also have a hen with a chick at her side butter dish. If interested, let me know. They say 1982 on the bottom.

  • Rozee

    I have a pepper shaker w/Spackled Goose pattern by Otagiri. No salt shaker. Interested in selling. If interested, please email me at ringaroundtherozee@yahoo.com.

  • Mari

    I have an Otagiri Originals Tea set, 6 cups, teapot with bamboo handle in the grape, grapeleaf pattern on a green background. I purchased back in the late 70′s for my mom, and inherited back. No blemishes. What are the sets going for now?

  • aquaspirit220

    I have an Otagiri round vase that’s painted with the “Serene Mountain” motif on it but I can’t find any online to know date and other information on it. Can anyone here enlighten me on this vase?
    Thank You

  • alana

    Does anyone know if they made urns?

  • Sandra Schuler

    HELP!! Trying to locate an Otagiri mug with gold rim picturing a puppy, kitten and bunny looking like a banana..This mug has sentimental value..Please let me know if you have one to sell..Thank you..

  • Janice

    I have a vase……….symphony……….very beautiful.

  • mountaingirl

    I broke a friend’s & need to replace an Otagiri soap or lotion pump dispenser, White cat w/Christmas holly leaf. It’s a “Bob Harrison” design. Can anyone help?

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